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An illustration of a question mark on a journal article online.

2 mins

Doing references? You need to know about ‘e12356’. What is it and how do I use it?

Referencing is complicated, information is all over the place and it might be hard to pinpoint where the volume number is and what number is the issue number.

An illustrative drawing of cartoon robots studying.

5 mins

5 Must-Know Assignment Writing Tips. Curated For Your Busy Lifestyle.

(1) It’s not about you. What does your university want to see? (2) Write the introduction last. Or should you? (3) Microsoft Word doesn’t catch...

Question marks flying out of a laptop.

3 mins

You're using AI without even knowing it.

I am scared of AI. I am not going to use AI ever. I don’t know how it works, I think I’ll pass on it. Are all common phrases that you or...

Robot pointing to label 'Mark This For Me'.

3 mins

Top 5 Reasons For Students To Use AI And How Mark This For Me Can Help

(1) Enhances writing skills. (2) Encourages critical thinking. (3) Promotes self-editing. (4) Efficient and timely feedback...

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