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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student questions

I am scared of using AI because of plagiarism

Our feedback does not give you answers. We focus only on giving guidance and feedback on what you have already written. The feedback you receive aims to give enough but not everything, for example:

Hey, you did a good job introducing X but you didn't really criticaly evaluate X as required in your marking criteria.

Now imagine this simple example but across your entire assignment and in more granular detail.

What happens with the assignments I provide?

Your assignments and assignment critera that you provide is processed through ChatGPT's APIs owned by OpenAI. The data given through their APIs is not used to train their models. We securely store your data on our servers until you tell us you want your data deleted. You can learn more about how your data is stored and managed by looking at our terms of use and our privacy policy.

General questions

How does it work?

We process your assignment criteria and answer paper using OpenAI's GPT models.

The models learn from processing millions of words so it can have an understanding of what word goes where, which makes it really good at predicting and spotting patterns in our language. It learns stuff like grammar, reasoning, and context.

This makes it really useful to form personalised feedback for you as it takes all the words from your assignment and criteria into account, processes them, and generates new words that are relevant to you.

If you are interested in learning more about AI and its technical inner workings, head over to this article published by OpenAI.

Can I not just use ChatGPT?

Absolutely! It is free to use and allows for many different use cases. However, keep in mind there's a limit to how many words you can add in a single message.

With Mark This For Me, you are limited at 10,000 words and you can use it for free when you register. We make it easy for you to simply focus on your assignments and let us take care of the technical side of things.

All done here 🥳

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