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Why Mark This For Me?

Our mission

We strongly believe there is a positive benefit with using AI and we believe that you can use AI responsibly where it can positively support and enhance your learning process.

In simpler words, our goal is to provide guidance, not answers, with AI.

We want you to obtain true guidance and feedback that stimulates critical thinking and point out where you can improve as if you were having a 1-to-1 meeting with your personal tutor.



Insightful Feedback

Time Saving

Academic Integrity

Original Thinking

Assignments are often solitary endeavours, which means you can lack an additional pair of eyes. Your tutors may be busy and sometimes your question may seem too small to reach out for help.

Sometimes you might not know you need to ask a question and may miss something from the marking criteria. Additionally, you may be in a position where you are not allowed to discuss your work with others who are in the same boat as you.

We want to take on the role of "second pair of eyes" where you can still maintain your privacy, academic integrity, and have a tool that you can trust and rely on.

Tools like Grammarly and word processors like Word may help you catch spelling errors and grammar mistakes. However, we specifically focus on personalising your feedback to your module marking criteria. This means the feedback and guidance you get from our tool will be unique and tailored towards your specific assignment work.


We identified a recurring process of checking and rechecking assignment work against given module criteria. This often consumed a significant portion of time and energy.

Mark This For Me streamlines this process and empowers students with an assignment companion tool powered by AI. However, one massive problem with the current trends of AI in academic setting is its use for plaigarism and generating answers.

We put extra care and thought into our tool to ensure it is used safely and as intended. It is not made to take over the assignment-writing process but to act as a supportive guide, promoting independent thinking, and learning.

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